Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Starring Rex Hamilton As Abraham Lincoln!

Overload. Pleasure Overload. I added the link to the "Too Funny" section a few days ago, but I'm still drying my eyes after finding a few sites devoted to one of the funniest TV series of all time, Police Squad!

For good measure, here are two more :
Police Squad! In Color
Episode Guide -- Police Squad!

Then there is the section at Jump The Shark, with all the commentary, larded with anecdotes, from their inimitable peanut gallery.

Those pukefaces at Paramount ought to put the
out on DVD (hell, they bothered to put it on freaking laserdisc), and while they're at it, NOT cut it up like they did

This site is also worthwhile : ZAZ fansite
Check out the
Top Secret!
section too, from which I ganked these pics:

B.T.s "phone home"
Dinging the Pinto's Bumper