Wednesday, July 30, 2003

News & Olds

Paul Wolfowitz, after a few days ago coming across quite candidly, is now back to bullshitting, and rather in spades :

"The lesson of 9-11 is that, if you're not prepared to act on the basis of murky intelligence, then you're going to have to act after the fact," he told the Fox News' Sunday programme."

Ah okay then. So this is the new way of justifying Iraq. Gotcha.

Speaking of casuistry, I found this old link of Francis Fukuyama's rather bald imperialism apology. It deserves a nice rebuttal which I will do when I get time. From the same site, here's an older interview with Wolfowitz, and notice especially where he loses all sensibility on the Sharon issue.

Idi Amin, near death, has been in the news lately. some in Uganda want him to come home, some are preparing for his funeral, and some demand that he be forgiven.

Here's an article about it on the BBC.

Idi Amin deserves a whole essay here, and I mean to do it soon. Until I can, here's a huge debate I had on the subject, with a fascist pig (there's at least one on every site) at Quoteland. Ample info about Amin and his U.S. support in the links therein provided.

Elsewhere, apparently the Republicans are trying to gut, in committee, the new FCC amendment that stopped Michael Powell's meretricious plan that would have helped further consolidate the media.