Monday, July 21, 2003

Interdicting the Hijackers of History

Historian Mary Beth Norton, in The New York Times, nicely and methodically bitchslaps Donald Rumsfeld's moronic analogy of today's Iraq to "America in 1783". Link here.

"Thus even if one ignores Mr. Rumsfeld's factual errors, his analogy with today's Iraq seems to hold little water.

[...]The United States won its war. Iraq lost. Iraqis must now create a new polity under the supervision of an occupying power. There was no British Paul Bremer sitting in Philadelphia and telling us what to do in the 1780's.

[...]As part of his education package, President Bush has proposed an initiative to improve the teaching of American history in the public schools. I wonder if his secretary of defense might benefit from a refresher on the revolutionary era."

Nice, Ms. Norton. Is this evidence of Christopher Hitchens's lauded adminstration of "high wattage [intelligence]"? Seriously, I'm sure that Rummy does read certain "historians" -- probably the same "great scholars" read by neocon string-puller Michael Ledeen, "who have studied American character [and] have come to the conclusion that we are a warlike people and that we love war."