Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Don't Park Your SUV In Front Of My Igloo

Oh this is for dear Teagan, my canuckistani friend who helped me warm my igloo a few months ago.

Canadia : Hippie Nation?

Naomi Klein extols the virtue of Canuckistani social liberalism, but warns that it will probably be short-lived. Nooo! BE hippies, brave Canuckistanis! You got de ganja, you got the sthweet gay marriage -- you gotta keep it now. Tell the U.S. to kiss your tundric ass (and to heighten the metaphor, think of frozen lips permanently stuck to it, like the kid's tongue to the lamp pole in A Christmas Story) in regard to our economic bullying and our recent efforts at exporting Ashcroftism. It's aboot freedom, it's aboot democracy, it's aboot..

You gotta resist our filthy habits. For instance -- and I know it's an annoyance but -- you gotta keep the bilingualism because rancid globalista centralisation aims for the tongue as well as the ass, the waistline and the pocketbook. Keep taxing the rich. Keep your healthcare -- or else you'll slide further down the Human Development Report. Don't listen to what our leaders say, nor should you make a habit of signing anything that they ask. Be independent : the fascists hate that. And though we make fun of Rush and the MacKenzies and Shania Twain, you're pretty cool. Despite your igloos and moose-love, you've gone further at making a civilised society than we have, so kudos to you, Canuckistanis.