Friday, June 27, 2003

The War Party

This is a must-see BBC documentary on the Neocon (I prefer my term, "Kristolmethodist") Junta which now rules American Foreign Policy.

Aside the many other issues, I wonder if neocon hacks at the AEI will now dismiss the BBC as "antisemites", which is their slur of choice to fling upon any one who questions their behaviour, as Goldberg, Frum, and the yuppie scumbags of the National Review are so wont to do?

This is only worthy of discourse in that it is such a powerful weapon abused by Kristolmethodists -- as a nasty final stab against their political enemies. Norman Podhoretz made a career of this (Hitchens is a joy to read on the various slanders and idiocies of Poddy), and as such, did the most that he could -- and his ideological desecendants follow him in this, too -- to (unintentionally, I assume) trivalise what should never be trivialised : genuine antisemitism. One of the many reasons that the Kristolmethodists are so morally abhorrant is that in their cheap attempts to assassinate the character of their enemies, they do a genuine disservice to those who have legitimately suffered under antisemitism.

Add to this the fact that they have always made common cause with warmongers, domestic racists, cultural reactionaries and fag-bashers on the right (like Strom Thurmond and the intensely antisemitic WASPs he dutifully represented all those years), in order to consolidate their power (to ""Make It", in Poddy's words), that the hypocrisy becomes unbearable. Kristolmethodists were eager to suck-up to genuine antisemites like Billy Graham and Richard Nixon, in order to make a common front for an expansionist Israel. In other words, in their actions they have historically proven that they dont much care about genuine American antisemitism, and only level the charge at those who oppose them on Mideast policy.

On a personal note, I wonder if the Kristolmethodist fans, like this (post #191 and on) tribalist wacko and certifiable jackass, will now further purify their reading and listening habits as to avoid the "antisemitic" BBC, reducing what is "acceptable" to the point of excluding all other political publications aside the National Review and Commentary, while concomitantly, of course, avoiding all literature beyond the Torah and Dr. Maimonides.

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