Friday, June 27, 2003

Globalism for centralising culture, but provincialism for decentralising law.

Ahh, this is damning evidence against people like Fareed Zakaria who insist that liberal globalism should be welcomed by all. HERE's your "liberal" globalism, which forcibly exports everything bad about America, while, purposely and simultaneously, withholding some of America's redeeming qualities (like redress of grievances, through the court system). As I have said many times, Globalistas only want a corrupted form of democracy to be forcibly spread with their sacrosanct free market religion. This is, naturally, because the military-industrial-corporate complexes which drive globalism find redress against their crimes and excesses to be anathemic to the God Profit. A rich irony is here: the globalists, who have not yet killed (even though they have permanently mutated it, as well as shredded parts of it when opportunity..crashed) that centrifugal masterpiece that has ever thwarted their agenda (I speak of the U.S Constitution) and who ostensibly desire to export democracy and human rights to the third world they are fucking-up, must, now, forcibly DENY the world's citzenry their "natural right" to seek redress for the human rights abuses these very globalists inflict upon them.

Hence a moral argument against globalism is that if ya ain't gonna forcibly export the good WITH the bad, don't forcibly export anything at all.

De-Globalizing Justice :The Corporate Campaign to Strip Foreign Victims of Corporate-Induced Human Rights Violations of the Right to Sue in U.S. Courts

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