Monday, September 06, 2004

How To Get Ahead In Blogging, or "Dr Sebly F. No, I Presume?"

Greetings, readers of Sadly, No! and Dark Window.

You've come here, read my drivel witty posts and informative commentary and you must, of course, wonder: how has this happened?

After all, yesterday elementropy was just another blog among billions, utterly indistinguishable from the masses. Now, elementropy has "arrived", and is getting beaucoups of traffic.

I'm here to tell you why. Because the only way to get ahead is by blackmail. It may or may not be true that I have in my possession risque photos of Dr. Sebly F. No and Youppi as well as of Pete M and Aynber Pawlik which are all filthy, I tell you: watersports, bukkake, it's all there. But the point is that the threat of exposing these allegedly lurid pictures is enough to coerce links from my targets new friends, bringing me traffic and joy.

And for $19.95, I'll show you how you, too, can fiendishly leach off better bloggers through blackmail and pyramid schemes get all the traffic *your* site deserves.

Please send $19.95 and SASE to retardomontalban -at- for your starter kit today.