Tuesday, September 14, 2004

And Here I Thought You Were, Like, Making A Totally Different Kind Of Silly Reference

Mr Pete M. Window, who has rudely co-opted the elementropy blogging programme without sending me my $19.95, is trying to pick fights with some heavy hitters of the blogosphere, so that he may build traffic and win glory a la' Yours Truly.

Now, after calling my lawyer and notifying the collection agency (and wondering to myself if Mr Window has incriminating photgraphs of all the bloggers he linked to, which in turn led me to wonder if he might share them with me), I went ahead and read some of his linked bloggers -- at least those whom I'd not read before. I was taken by Corrente, which sounds like a crappy late-70s model sedan, but is actually, as Mr Window helpfully describes, a sort of a "reality blog". His description is apposite. But if Corrente is the Real World then Leah sorely needs a Puck-like character to become infatuated with. Oh, did I hear someone nominate Retardo? What a great idea!

Anyway, Corrente does the blogosphere a great service by listing a "Lexicon of Liberal Invective", including such staples as "freeper", "wing-nut", and the eminently embraceable "shrill". But there was one that was new to me, "wecovery". My mind raced. I didn't want to click on it, I wanted to figure out its provenance on my own. Suddenly, memory ...yes, it flashed: the word had to have been a neologism coined by the late Senator Paul "I may not be perwfect but at weast I'm honest, Biw Cwinton" Tsongas. But I was wrong! Corrente defines "wecovery" as the state of the economy when evidence for an upswing is given as "lots of numbers but no jobs."

So my guess was way way off. I'm stupid that way -- stupid like a fox.